Full Spectrum CBD Infused Papua New Guinea Coffee


Papua New Guinean coffee infused with 210mg of decarboxylated full-spectrum CBD oil


Full Spectrum CBD Infused Single Origin Coffee – Papua New Guinea

  • 210grams Elimbari A Speciality Coffee Beans
  • Infused with 210mg full spectrum CBD
  • 30 Servings/Cups
  • 7mg CBD per serving/cup

Papua New Guinean speciality coffee infused with premium full-spectrum CBD (0.0% THC)

Our Elimbari A grade speciality coffee has a sumptuous tang of dried apricots and deep plum flavours, complemented by exotic, complex and fruity aromas. Silk body and light acidity.

Papua New Guinea – Elimbari A Coffee Beans:

Papua New Guinea – most commonly referred to as PNG produces a range of coffees that are smallholder and estate grown. Extremely fertile soils and high altitude growing regions (up to 2000 metres above sea level) combine to create a truly unique and special coffee.

The Elimbari project, the name taken from the picturesque mountain Mt. Elimbari in the Chauve region of Simbu was started over ten years ago by Kongo Coffee’s native owner, Jerry Kapka, to help provide some of these much-needed opportunities for betterment for his family, friends and other local people.

Local producers bring their parchment coffee to Kongo Coffee where it is closely inspected on arrival for aroma and defects and moisture content. Depending on these results, the coffee either becomes Y grade (low-grade coffee that dominates the crop in PNG) or Elimbari if it meets special quality requirements.

  • Single Origin
  • 100% Arabica
  • Grade 1 beans – speciality grade beans with no primary defects
  • A coffee cupping score of 84+ with 80 and above sitting in the SPECIALITY COFFEE classification – not far off 90 and above which is the PRESIDENTIAL AWARD classification!

These beans are then infused with our full spectrum decarboxylated CBD delivering 210mg of CBD per bag. It is only after the CBD fusion process is complete, do we grind the beans (slightly rough grind perfect for non-automated coffee plungers) for the ground version.

If you like it hot then put on the kettle and give your mind, body, soul and taste buds a real treat with both or tea and coffee.

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